by Elissa Cirignotta



Dreaming is part of the human condition. All of life is made up of pure creative energy and it is our birthright to co-create our lives and manifest our dreams. Whether it be Honest Abe’s road to Presidency, Mr. Bell’s brilliant telephone, Queen Beyoncé and all of her bright shiny wonders, or my secret (not so secret anymore) dream of one day becoming Oprah’s protégé.
It all starts with a dream, a seed, an idea. We are intended to be dreamers. The dreams of mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers all over the globe are my dreams and my dreams are the dreams of all humanity.

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Elissa is the co-founder of Happy Mindful People, Certified 200 hour Yoga Teacher,  Certified Special Education Teacher, aspiring author, cat lover, rainbow chasing, Oprah loving visionary, inversion junkie committed to making happiness a daily priority. She's an eternal optimist who believes dreams do come true. Be a part of her 2015 #365daysofsplits journey by following her via:

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“We were born to make manifest the glory of God within us.”  Nelson Mandela