Happy Mindful People

Happy Mindful People is a Movement & Mindfulness organization that offers classes to kids, teens, and adults.

Our mission is to motivate kids, teens, and adults to live their very best life. 

Scattering seeds of kindness, growing peace, & inspiring personal growth through movement & mindfulness.

Our unique offerings provide each participant the access to valuable tools that can be easily and effectively incorporated into everyday
routines, supporting calm, creative, mindful living practices.  Classes integrate newest research on brain development,
social play, creative movement, and/or a Vinyasa flow.  

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Happy Mindful Kids

For Kids ages 5-12 we use the The Happy Mindful People Curriculum, a social emotional movement & mindfulness curriculum that teaches kids how to practice living with compassion, empathy, gratitude.  Every class focuses on a new topic intended to help children access skills and tools that support the development of their emotional intelligence. These classes help kids develop the skills needed to combat the emotional changes that often lead to aggression, angst, and lowered self-esteem. Movement & Mindfulness series can be found as enrichment opportunities after school, in the community, at yoga studios, and as part of the educational curriculum at select schools across the Portland Metro Area. Through movement, mindfulness, and social play/exploration children and teens are introduced to a social emotional curriculum that inspire personal and global change. 

Happy Mindful Special Needs

Movement and Social Skills Classes for Kids on the Autism Spectrum and the Small Group Special Needs Movement & Mindfulness series are perfect for kids and young adults who benefit from having specialized or individualized instruction.  Private sessions available. 

Happy Mindful Teens

Our classes help preteens/teens alleviate stress and work toward a healthier and more joyful life. 

Pre/Teen and Teen sessions include:

-Classic yoga warm-ups and postures to promote strength and flexibility.
-Breathing, relaxation & meditation techniques that reduce stress, focus the mind, & boost energy. 
-Accessible poses that challenge participants to learn about their limitations and thresholds while also inspiring growth and success 
-Activities that support emotional, physical, and mental growth

Find one of our community classes or gather a group of teenagers and we come to you! 

Happy Mindful In The Workplace

The WorkPlace Yoga offerings continue to grow throughout the Portland Metro Area, providing Creative Agencies, School Districts, and a variety of other organizations with weekly Meditation + Yoga . Happy Mindful People Workplace yoga classes are an excellent way to introduce a wellness program to your entire office.



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