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Happy Mindful Teachers/Therapists

Elissa Cirignotta, of Happy Mindful People 

at Love Hive Yoga

August20th 3:00-6:00pm$60 

This workshop is open to anyone interested in cultivating andincorporating a mindfulness practice into their home, classroom, or private practice. Join us for a 3 hour introductory course as we explore playful ways to familiarize our kids to calming postures, invigorating whole body movements, deep breathing techniques, and mindfulness practices that will leave you and your child/student calmer and more deeply connected to your mind/body. You'll walk away with ideas for how to build a movement & mindfulness routine at home or in the classroom, ideas for teaching fundamental emotional regulation skills, and tools for helping kids de-escalate from intense emotions. 

Elissa Cirignotta has taught since 2003 at Elementary, High, and Post-High Levels to students with all abilities and disabilities. She holds a BA in Special Education, an MA in Teaching, an Autism Consultant Certification, Barre Certification, and 200 hour Yoga Teacher Certification. She has taught students with disabilities ranging from Autism, Aspergers, Learning Disabilities, ADHD/ADD, Emotional Disturbances, Orthopedic Impairments, and many more. It has been her practice to use the role of'teacher' as a method of moving towards equilibrium of body and mind. Practices of self-acceptance are embedded into her curriculum and her personal passions of creative movement through hula hooping, dance, yoga, and poi along with creative writing and positive self talk become a part of her teaching practices.(