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Movement & Mindfulness 🌸SPRING BREAK CAMP🌸

This camp is designed for elementary-school-age boys and girls (ages 5-11).  Through movement, mindfulness and social skills, children and teens are introduced to a social emotional curriculum that inspires personal and social change.  We incorporate strategies for emotional regulation, deep breathing techniques, movement intended to invigorate and calm the body, and activities that will nourish the soul. 

Through modeling, group discussion, and role-playing, participants practice how to successfully interact  with grown-ups and peers, what grown-ups and peers expect from them under different circumstances, how to deal with peer-to-peer teasing and conflict, how to be a good friend and sibling, how to regulate emotions under a variety of pressures, and why all of this is important to their happiness and success in life.

Your child will leave REFRESHED, REJUVENATED, and INSPIRED!

Happy Mindful People Camps 2017!  

Spring Break 2017 Camp March 20th-23rd

Monday-Thursday 9:00am-2:00pm