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Finding Balance with Essential Oils + Meditation + Yoga

May 17, 2015

Gem Studio :: 1110 NE Glisan



Kate Rutter of Heart Cave + Elissa Cirignotta of Happy Mindful People

Essential Oils + Meditation + Yoga


This transformational workshop will introduce you to the chakra energy system in our subtle body. Our chakras (which means “wheel” in Sanskrit) absorb energy from our environment, and release the excess energy from our body. Learn about each chakra and the energy source it is connected along with the relationship it has to our physical, energetic, mental, intellectual and causal bodies.

This Chakra Balancing Workshop offers a profound process of mind body connection using essential oils + meditation + yoga.  We inspire you to develop a deeper awareness and connection to your body and to your energetic flow supporting a life filled with more joy, more happiness, and more connection.

This workshop is open to anyone who would like to nurture their physical body and experience a deeper sense of peace, harmony and balance.