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Taking Care Portland for Kids!

Taking Care Portland For Kids!
December 14th, 2014 at TaborSpace
5441 SE Belmont Street • Portland, OR 97215
2:00-5:30 PM


An event for kids 4-12 years old affected by cancer. For kids in active treatment and beyond, or for those with  a family member with cancer.

Come eat, learn, and play through movement, art, music and delicious food hosted by a Taking Care Cancer, a community-built health and wellness group for cancer survivors of all ages.

In conjunction with community based integrative health experts you will be inspired to embrace a more holistic approach to health and wellness on your cancer journey.

Hosts: Taking Care Portland

When: December 14th 2-5:30 PM

Where: Taborspace 5441 SE Belmont Street
Portland, OR 97215

Cost: $30 per child
(Includes up to two parents)

What to expect:

• Energetic and loving hosts eager to inspire health through
play and movement

• Exposure to gentle non invasive tools for reducing long and
short term side effects associated with treatment

• Movement & mindfulness for kids and parents

• Group led art project

• Guided acupressure

• Community resources, recipes

• Storytelling

• A 30 minute evidence based class explaining the value of each modality and how it can improve the health and happiness in your home!

This event is intended to be applicable for a variety of conditions and treatment stages. Individualized treatment for symptom management, supplement promotion and education will not be available.

This event is not in any way intended to diagnose to treat, nor is it a substitution for medical care through a licensed medical provider.

For questions, please contact Mary Thies, RN, LMT at