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Happy Mindful Teachers

This on-site Professional Development is open to the entire school staff. Includes materials for workshop, resource downloads, and certificate template for PDUS.

An online questionnaire may be used to customize the presentation to the unique interests and goals of the school.


Professional Development for Educators, School Counselors, & School Psychologists.  

You really made mindfulness fun and relevant for school psychologists. Not only will your attendees have skills to use with their students, but they will be more able to address their own well being.
— Oregon School Psychologist Association President

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Happy Mindful Teachers

A Workshop for Educators, Parents & Therapists 

MAY 20th 2:30-5:30pm

at Love Hive Yoga 1847 E Burnside  PDX

This workshop is open to anyone interested in cultivating and incorporating a mindfulness practice into their home, classroom, or private practice. Join us for a 3 hour course as we explore playful ways to familiarize our kids to calming postures, invigorating whole body movements, deep breathing techniques, and mindfulness practices that will leave you and your child/student calmer and more deeply connected to your mind/body. You'll walk away with ideas for how to build a movement & mindfulness routine at home or in the classroom, ideas for teaching fundamental emotional regulation skills, and tools for helping kids de-escalate from intense emotions.


Educators will receive 3 CEUs for this Workshop.

Elissa has an infectious passion for supporting children in their journey as they grow into happy, capable, and confident people. She is well versed in the research supporting the merits of mindfulness practices and has used this knowledge to create routines, structures, and activities for children of all ages and abilities that foster mindfulness and the development of our mind-body-spirit connection. Her workshops are great for anyone who is looking to introduce mindfulness and yoga into their classroom, counseling practice, or home.
— - Caitlin, Elementary School Teacher and Yoga Instructor (RYT 200)
Elissa’s enthusiasm for sharing the gifts of yoga is a joy to be a part of. The time in the workshop flew by with lots of laughs and lots of learning. If you’ve ever felt the benefit of mindfulness practices in your own life and you want to see these benefits in any young people you ever interact with, this workshop has so much to offer that I’m amazed we got it all in.
— April MacKay

YOGA & Acupuncture 

Next Workshop is in JUNE! Registrations Opens in May! 

Gem Studio :: 1110 NE Glisan 


Yoga & Acupuncture with Elissa Cirignotta & Anne Carruth

Practitioners Anne Carruth & Elissa Cirignotta combine the practices of acupuncture and yoga with the intention of supporting deeper inner wellness and relaxation. Our bodies intuitively seek balance and vitality, yet sometimes we unknowingly limit our own potential. In this workshop we’ll explore the mind-body connection through the lens of Chinese medicine along with the ancient practice of yoga. Opening all of the Qi meridians through a Vinyasa sequence we'll transition into a luxurious savansana with postural adjustments and a guided meditation followed by an acupuncture treatment intended to balance and anchor the physical body, the spirit, and the mind.