Things that people create

The light in me sees the light in you and recognizes that it comes from the same source. This very large world is actually quite a small town when you look at the bigger picture. We believe that we have the power to change this world; to make this a kinder, healthier, and happier space. The words we say and the thoughts we think create ripples and shifts. It is in our nature to create; we create our thoughts, our lives, and everything in our lives. As we continue to expand and discover the vast interconnectedness of planet Earth, We'd like to invite you to browse through what good people all over the world are creating through music, jewelry, woodworking, writing, yoga, photography, etc.






We love Oprah! We are so thankful for her constant inspiration to live authentically, follow your heart, and live with passion. Life is beautiful! We love our monthly fix of inspired living, creative stories, and all around goodness from the Oprah Magazine. And who knows, maybe you'll see more of us in it this year too! 


Jill and Sarah co-author a blog from Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo about what the journey of mama-hood, life, and families. Mama Congo is quirky, witty, and insightful. They also have super cute kids. I like it, I like it!


Mantra Yoga + Health Magazine is your monthly dose of medicine. It's wildly inspiring and empowering. You learn about ways to activate your chakras (major energy systems in the body), how others are using yoga and meditation to find balance, and interviews with some of the best.


Simply Rebekah is about living a frugal lifestyle, taking green baby steps and all of life in between. If you need some advice on freezer-friendly recipes, being green, and breastfeeding she's your gal.


Hannah Sternberg is a published novelist and freelance writer, editor, and video/audio tech. She has just released her second novel, Bulfinch, a whimsical tale about a time-traveling knight.  Check out her journal for news about the book business, recipes, free short stories, travel tales, and more.


(Sign up for one of our kids mindfulness classes to receive book titles and authors that support the themes of each class.)



Rhoda is an all-star all around fantastic being that radiates creativity. Everything she touches is art. Her jewelry, photography, pottery, and paintings are full of powerful emotion that draw you in leaving you wanting more. Her art is an expression of beauty, pain, joy and everything in between.


Joel Traylor, a DC native, can be found weekly at the infamous Eastern Market. His paintings (and elephants) are vibrant, creative, and playful. DC will always have a very special place in my heart as will all things Joel Traylor puts on canvas.


Take one peek at Todd Kenton Yoder’s illustrations and you’ll surely do a double-take! His oil paintings and drawings come alive with his intricate detail. I'm never quite sure if I'm looking at  photo or an oil painting! He has a passion for composing children's book illustrations, and I've got nothing but love for him.




Debbie Baxter is beautiful, sweet, and knows just how to bring out the natural magic through her photography. We love working with her and know you will too! We also love that she runs kids photo camps! Check her out!


Kathy Carlisle is soul connected and ready to tap into your inner beauty through her lens. Meet her as soul coach or talk to her about her transformation/branding photo shoots. You won't regret it.


Cara Denison has been taking photographs since the first grade. Her motives haven't changed much, just articulated better. She likes the contrast of subtle light in dark spaces. She appreciates the desaturated color palette of the Pacific Northwest in a country of overstimulation. And she's a fan of authentic interactions between photographer and subject. Her work reflects the connection of beauty that is thread throughout humanity. 



Some women are born badasses and Amy Umbel appears to be one of those women. This Appalachia girl hand selects trees that are harvested to create new and unique life through the form of cutting boards, berry trays, spatulas, bowls, coffee tables and more. Custom order your next butter knife or bench from Fiddlehead Woodworking.




Squirm and Germ is a high-energy music comedy duo created by Tim Girrbach and Rodney Umble. Jay Rhoderick from The Peoples Improv Theater NYC says, “They have Razor-sharp comic timing, Colbert-esque charcter commitment, dope rhymes and MC chops in one funny and ferocious show.” I say, “When in New York, find Squirm and Germ.”


Pure and simple. I like Dorea Schmidt. This girl is not afraid to do what she loves to do and she does it with delightfully charming charisma. People, she sings, she dances, she acts, and she bakes.


I'm still working up the courage to take a workshop at the Portland StoryTellers Guild  and then to perform in front of a live audience... Until then you should sign up and I'll cheer you on. Write your own story!



The truth is, we think that Michael Franti is amazing. We love his music, we love his attitude, his passion, and his support of love, peace, and social justice. Do It For The Love is a nonprofit wish granting foundation, that brings people in advanced stages of life-threatening illness, children with severe challenges, and wounded veterans to live concerts. They partner with musicians from across the world to create life-changing experiences for their fans and families! That's right, DO it for the LOVE!


The husband and wife duo known as You knew me when,  took a huge leap of faith when they quit their stable jobs to go on the road and live their passion. They have the singer songwriter flare with a pleasant mix of indie-rock and soul. Check out their website to see where they are headed next!


In Tune Mental Health can be found in Hollidaysburg PA where Abigail Peace uses music therapy interventions to bring healing to children and young adults with special needs. It’s music therapy for the mind, body and spirit.


After singing for two terms with Portland’s Intergenerational Women’s choir I am a firm believer that music heals. The conductor and founder of this organization, Crystal Atkins, has brought hundreds of women ranging from ages 7-93 together through music. Support them by giving a gift off their wish list or gather your female friends and join the choir to sing your heart out!


Yoga and Mindfulness:

Gem Studio is without a doubt a special gem we stumbled across. The energy of the space is infused with LOVE! Check out their online schedule and find an offering that works for you! Happy Mindful People will be starting Sunday Classes in March!


Tap into your inner yogi alongside the beautiful Kelly Sunrose Yoga. She's a dreamer. A lover. A doer. A teacher. A mother.  Take a class in person, take a class online or follow her resourceful yoga podcast.


Sarasvati combines neuroscience with yoga and splashes it all with a lot of love Her experiences in parenting, story, anatomy, depression, extreme illness in pregnancy, and injury have led her to this intersection of Yoga and Neuroscience.  I'll be headed to one of her workshops on March 28th at Yoga Pearl. Join me or find her schedule and check her out for yourself!


Try Maya Yoga. Really. Try it.  It will undoubtedly be an experience, a practice that will stay with you for many years to come. International level teachers, Nicki Doane and Eddie Modestini have created a  sacred and K. Pattabhi Jois blessed studio in Maui, offering monthly Asana Intensives and 300hour/500hour Teacher Training Programs.  Their off-grid studio is tucked away in the North Shore rainforest, riddled with rainbows, geckos, and pure clean air.  Next time you are in Hawaiidrop-into one of their Asana intensives. Thinking about a Teacher Training? This is an option that will leave you enriched and confident in developing a solid personal home practice.  I can't wait until I find myself back in Huelo with my beloved teachers.  Maya Yoga Studio trained teachers, Leena, Jen, Jean-Marie, and Jazmin lead weekly classes open to all!


Health:: Wellness:: Movement

Taking Care Cancer is an ongoing volunteer driven, donation-based program, created to support people living with cancer and cancer survivors - this includes family, friends and care givers - everyone, really. This is an inclusive event designed to enhance the exploration of complimentary and integrative oncology modalities that support healing during cancer treatment and beyond. Coming Dec 14, 2014 is the very first Kids Event! Keeps your eyes and ears open for more info!


GroundPlay Therapy Works strives to empower children with cognitive, neurological, physical and emotional/behavioral challenges, to overcome daily struggles and achieve goals by increasing awareness, defining tools, and optimizing development. The practitioners are outstanding!  


Licensed Acupuncturist & Oriental Medicine Practitioner, Anne Carruth, MS, LAc, Dipl OM.  Anne’s philosophy on health is founded in preventative medicine and a holistic view of the mind, body, and spirit.  She embraces the traditional Chinese model of treating the “branch” and the “root”; thus treating one’s symptoms, as well as their underlying cause. This approach enables her to treat a wide variety of health concerns, and Anne is particularly passionate about acupuncture and oncology care. 


Spectra Gymnastics has a passionate highly trained staff committed to helping  students thrive as gymnasts and individuals. They strive to create an environment where all children can play and grow! 



A Children's Place Bookstore is hands down our favorite local kids bookstore. It also happens to be Portland's oldest independently owned children's bookstore. They're so great that they even let us do yoga there! Books + yoga = happiness!

Schoolita Alegria was opened in November 1995 by Alegria Cupit. The school focuses on bilingual education with Spanish as a second language. Over half of the school day is in Spanish, including storytelling, songs, games, rhyming and movement.

The structure and discipline follows the Montessori philosophy and is open to all children 3-5 years of age, regardless of race, nationality or creed. They encourage creativity and exploration through play, movement, music, and art.